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Part of the Eye and its Common Eye Defect

Posted on: September 13, 2008


Parts of the Eye

Parts of the Eye


  • EYEBROW                                          

    • prevents the sweat from the forehead
  • EYELIDS                                               

    • cover the eyes when not in use
  • EYELASHES                                         

    • catch dirt to prevent it from getting into the eyes


  • CORNEA                                              

    • outer layer of an eye.  
    • Thin and transparent.
  • IRIS                                                       

    • behind the cornea.  
    • Colored part of the eye.
  • PUPIL                                                   

    • controls the amount of light that enters the eye.
    • Black , round.
  • AQUEOUS HUMOR                        

    • thick liquid that nourishes the bloodless, transparent cornea and the lens 


  • VITREOUS HUMOR                         

    • thick substance between the lens and the retina
  • RETINA                                                

    • innermost layer of the eyeball which behind thevitreous  humor.
  • OPTIC NERVE                                    

    • nerve cells join at the back of the retina.   
    • Sends message to the brain.


  • NEARSIGHTEDNESS                        

    • long eyeball.
    • Concave lensesnear object clear but far object blurred.
  • FARSIGHTEDNESS                           

    • short eyeball
    • Convex lenses.
    • Near object  not seen but far object clear.
  • ASTIGMATIC                                     

    • abnormal corneas
    • Clear but eyestrain and headaches
  • STRABISMUS                                    

    • cross-eye and wall-eye.
    • Eye exercise by pediatrician needed to correct defect.
  • COLORBLINDNESS                          

    • difficulty to distinguish colors
  • STY                                                        

    • infection with fever
    • Swelling and Inflammation
  • CONJUNCTIVITIS                             

    • pink eye             
    • Crusty eyelids
    • Pain swelling    
    • Very itchy          
    • Water discharge              



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