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Posted on: August 9, 2011


Crater Lake, in the Cascade Mountains of southern Oregon, rests in an inactive volcano at an altitude of about 6,200 feet above sea level.

  1. Height             b. average

No streams or rivers supply the lake with water. Precipitation, in the form of snow and rain, has filled the crater.

  1. Fill                   b. save

Crater Lake is the deepest lake in the United States.  It is 1,932 feet at its greatest depth.

  1. Far                   b. measurement downward

Years ago, a mining prospector was looking for minerals and oil.  He saw the lake and called it Deep Blue Lake because of its beautiful color.

  1. Explorer          b. beautiful

Crater Lake and the area around it are now part of a National Park.  The Park Service will ensure people do not pollute the lake.

  1. Protect                        b. make certain

There were no fish in Crater Lake until it was stocked. With trout in 1888.  People who fish are happy that more fish are still added each year.

  1. Stored              b. filled

Walking                       announced                  fun

Grow               sprinting                      touch

Watering my flowers will help them flourish. ______________

When I gently caress my baby brother’s cheek, he smiles. ______________

I like sauntering through the park and watching all the birds. ______________

I had a jovial time at the outrageous party! ____________

The judge proclaimed me the winner of the boysenberry pie-eating contest. _________

Fat                   awful               strutting

Shouting                      skinny              empty

The obese elephant must have weighed 10 tons! ___________

The clamor from the lion’s den frightened me. ___________

The skunk emitted a repugnant odor when a predator drew  near him. __________

Swaggering off the stage and holding a trophy, the boy smirked at everybody and shouted, “I am the best!” __________

The island remained desolate for 100 years. ________

improve                       limped             escape             douse               serious

The wounded soldier staggered back from the battlefield. ________

The special effects will enhance the quality of the movie and make it even more exciting to watch. _________

The firefighter prepared to extinguish the fire by getting the hose ready. _______

The robbers tried to flee from the police, but they were caught. _________

A funeral is a solemn event. ________


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